Globe Express Services

State-of-the-art proprietary technology platform that provides outstanding visibility, flexibility and customization potential. Supply chains built by people who care


  • An educated, diverse, highly trained team who share a commitment to providing the ultimate customer service
  • Backed by an experienced, dedicated and innovative management team
  • Trained to take a holistic approach, delivering customized solutions that fulfill the strategic and tactical goals of your logistics program


  • Over 58 corporate offices worldwide and a total market presence in more than 80 countries
  • An extensive warehouse/CFS network for a full array of cargo consolidation & distribution, warehousing and specialty handling services
  • Exceptionally competitive pricing with global carriers Technology
  • State-of-the-art proprietary technology platform, providing outstanding visibility, flexibility and customization potential
  • Web-based PO & SKU-level visibility and exceptions-based events management & reporting
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) including interactive dashboards & scorecards with drill-down capabilities
  • Systems integration efficiencies (EDI, etc.)