Container Freight Station / Warehousing

Primary purpose of a CFS is to allow the benefits of containerization to be realized in the inland transport leg of international cargo movement. This will provide hassle-free and single window Clearance service to Importers/Exporters, which ensures quality and returns that is worth every penny.


CTPAT compliant CFS facility and system procedures and fully secured (24/7) with 32 CCTV cameras, burglar alarm system protection and 6 stationed security guards.


8 loading and unloading docks for import shipments and another 8 docks for cargo receiving and releasing.







Customs cleared containers are picked up at terminals (MICP & SOUTH Ports), moved to our CFS facility, where contents are unloaded, sorted and separated by destination, PO or SKU and processed for release to the final consignee.



Products and materials are consolidated into an efficient number of containers for delivery to final international destination. Efficient packaging uses container space effectively for greater cost savings.



Cross Docking moves containers almost immediately from one transport to another and sends them right back out. Transloading moves containers to a warehouse for content palletization and transfer to other containers or trucks for distribution.



Short distance transportation of cargo, containers or freight via truck from a major port to CFS, rail terminal or other port. Drayage usually occurs within one business day – and is often just one element of a more comprehensive transloading or shipping process.



Our CFS makes sure our customers’ imported items stay secure and ship reliably with our Customs Bonded Warehousing. We provide cost effective long or short term bonded storage, transportation and manipulation for CFS consolidated shipments.



Handling of RO-RO cargo, conventional and special crating, palletization, fumigation, shrink wrapping and heavy lift.


Packing and Crating services onsite.





Simplified procedure for expeditious releasing of cargo through a KPI measured time of 30 minutes per BL reference of client.


Authenticated and validated transaction leading to accurate reporting, with the used of EDI and Internet based filing system data is received directly from the trade instead of having to be entered.


Our facility addresses shipper requirements for cost reduction and timely delivery. One major step to reducing further the cost of doing business in the country.


Orient Freight’s CFS has an area of more than 2,500 square meter of warehouse/storage space with custodial service, with a capacity of more than 3,000 revenue tons, a built-in ramp and 24/7 security guards plus sixteen units of strategically located closed-circuit television surveillance cameras throughout the whole vicinity.