Industry Solutions

Automotive Logistics


We have decades of industry experience working with leading automakers and suppliers in the automotive industry.  Logistics for this industry is the most complex and time-critical. Our dedicated automotive logistics services experts allows the client to focus on the opportunities as well as the challenges. These experts will work with the client to provide tailor-made solutions to meet any specific needs and requirements.


Fashion Logistics


Fashion industry is a fast-paced industry and it is faced with the challenge of short product life cycle. Products should be out before they become outmoded. Our dedicated personnel and creative solutions are designed to provide the ideal services level throughout the entire supply chain which will assist you to stay responsive to market demands. Whether you are looking for a short or long term storage option, we have facilities strategically located to provide the most flexible storage solutions for your fashion products. Not forgetting the capability to carry out a number of value added services to ensure products are immediately ready for delivery. We can promise you a time and cost efficient solution to meet your business needs.


Healthcare Logistics


The healthcare industry has strict regulations and sets high requirements for shipping and storing of life-essential products. We offer a variety of services tailored specifically to the needs of the healthcare sector. Together with our partner we developed tailor-made solutions for transportation management, warehousing, packaging, and value-added services.


Perishable Logistics


We have a close understanding of the logistics required to get perishables shipped and delivered on-time and in the highest quality condition. Driving our goal of offering creative logistics solution, we offer custom-made logistics package to our customers by providing a single source for all their warehousing, packing and shipping needs. Our team of experts in Perishable Logistics help handle distribution of perishable items, taking into account the time and temperature sensitivity for the transportation of perishable goods.


Non-Commercial Freight


Our experienced staff will provide comprehensive solution and will gladly assist you on your non-commercial freight requirements.