Logistics and Transportation

Customs Brokerage


OFII is an accredited customs broker with now over 44 years of experience in customs clearance and processing of import and export shipments. Our licensed Customs Brokers, with the help of our computerized programs, provide accurate preparation of entries for timely delivery of shipments. Transhipments to various seaports and airports around the country are done within 24 hours to ensure connection to the first available carrier. We also assist clients in obtaining necessary import and export permits for shipments which may need government approval. Over the years OFII has gained a reputation for efficiency and honesty in the brokerage industry.


Contract Logistics & Consulting


Orient Freight’s Logistics management department was created to assist investors in the Philippines through various logistics and transport services. Our services are tailored to help you establish and manage your business, from initial planning, set-up stage, to final operation. We provide assistance in securing approvals from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Board of Investments (BOI) and other government agencies, provides consultation services in customs clearance procedures, investment laws, and industry/market information, as well as help in the delivery, unloading and positioning of equipment required for business set up. We also prepare a Logistics plan for the efficient handling of import and export materials and supplies, ensuring profitable operations. Our information technology department also develops computer software programs that complements your logistics plans.


Land Transport


All across the country, Orient Freight’s Land Transport Services leads the way in linking your business to the market. We manage and operate a fleet of land transport equipment, specializing in the movement of containerized and break bulk cargoes.