The firewall on this server is blocking your connection.

You need to contact the server owner or hosting provider for further information.

Your blocked IP address is:

The hostname of this server is:

If you think you are receiving this in error or you have been blocked due to incorrect log-ins on account that you own or you have access to.

Please do the following.

1. If you are the domain owner and the registered client at, please login to our CLIENT AREA using the email account registered in our portal. You may click on Request Password Reset if you've already forgotten your password.

2. Once logged-in, hover your mouse on "My Account" and click "Unblock IP Address"

3. Enter the blocked IP address then click "Search & Remove" button. You should now be able to access your website.

4. In case you're a visitor whose IP has been blocked, you may either contact the website's webmaster or EMAIL us with your blocked IP address information. You can also chat with our CHAT SUPPORT team.

5. If you are in a network that is using a dynamic IP address ( most DSL connections and wireless broadband connections ), you can optionally turn off your device ( router or wireless broadband device ) and turn it on again. This process will normally release your IP and give you a new IP address that is most likely not blocked.

6. If you are being blocked too frequently, please email details of the URL/file you were trying to access before you got blocked [EMAIL HERE], chat with our CHAT SUPPORT or call

Manila Line: (+63)2 519-4810 or (+63)2 734-8979
Bulacan Line: (+63) 044 794-6132
GLOBE: (+63)917 557 2399
GLOBE: (+63)917 557 2334
GLOBE: (+63)917 859 2652
SMART: (+63)947 990 8271
SUN: (+63)925 612 3327

Some of the common reasons why your IP would be blocked by our server are:

1. You have made successive failed logins on Cpanel, Webmail or your Content Management System.
2. Common in a business office environment, some email users might have already changed their password but still have the old password configured in their email client, i.e. Outlook, that re-attempts to login or that they have forgotten their password and is attempting to login on webmail. This repeated login will cause your IP Address to be blocked. If your office have static IP internet connection and that you feel safe about having that IP whitelisted, you can submit a SUPPORT TICKET containing the IP address/es you wish to whitelist and our support team will have them whitelisted on our firewall.
3. You have attempted to upload malicious file in the server or accessing a script that may contain potential security risk or you have attempted to access a coded URL that appears to be suspicious or potential security risk.

Thank you.

ZOOM Hosting Support Team
ICONCEPT Global Advertising, Inc.